What’s after 4k?

Everyon8ke likes to speculate what is going to happen next in the entertainment world. Our expert analysis tells us that there will a an 8k revolution but this won’t be happening for a long time. The thing about 8k is that it takes video equipment that is far too expensive to use to shoot movies at the moment, heck even 4K equipment costs a lot of money and that’s been around for a while. We think it will be quite some time before 8k even comes up in conversation for the major movie companies so we want our readers to buy up all the 4k content you want with no worries that it will be outdated in the near future. The same goes for video games and computer games. We do feel that with the rapid technological advancements over the last decade that 8k is a very real future we will have to embrace someday, but that day is a long ways away.

OK so now you know that 8k is a long way off and you’re probably saying to yourself, “that’s great, but what about 4k? we barely even have anything to watch on 4k!”. Well, luckily for us movie buffs and technology enthusiasts 4k is going to advance very rapidly in the near future. We covered an article about 4k content and where to get it at the moment but we’re definitely going to be busy writing away articles this year when a ton of movies are released in 4k. There are a lot of movies that are actually being filmed in 4k as we speak but there are also a lot of movies being “digitally re-mastered” in 4k. You’ll see those movies with that specific wording on the cover. From what we can tell, there’s really no difference between the movies being filmed in 4k compared to the movies that are being re-mastered in 4k. No matter what type of content you’re watching in 4k, we feel like if you have the right TV and surround system, any 4K entertainment at this point is sure to blow your socks off. Some are better than other which we cover briefly our top movie reviews in this post, but for the most part they are all way better than regular 1080 TV. If you’d like to tell us what you think is going to happen in the future with 4K, please contact us here. Thanks for reading, we’ll catch you next time.