Best 4K Movies So Far


#2 the martian

Our second favorite movie so far is The Martian. Now, as far as plot goes, this wasn’t our favorite by any means. The purpose of this post is to give you insight to the best 4k viewing experiences, so that’s why this movie ranked number 2. We don’t take into consideration things like character development or anything like that, ONLY picture quality. Our favorite part of this movie is when Matt Damon lands on Mars because it was like being at the grand canyon or something, it was so freakin’ real looking we honestly felt like we were on Mars! The movie had a lot of other scenes where they did a great job mastering this movie, so all around we felt like from beginning to end it has the second best 4k movie rating.  We feel like space movies give you a great viewing experience because not a lot of us have been to space and we feel like it’s pretty expensive to go, lol, so for most of us movies are going to be the closest thing we get to actually getting there. Even though Richard of Virgin has some wild ideas to make space travel a realistic option for the average human, for now we’re going to say that the martian in 4K is the closest thing you’re going to get to experiencing space for a long time.


As of now the best 4K movie we’ve seen to date would have to be the Amazing Spider-Man which was digitally re-mastered in 4K. The best scene in our opinion is when Spider-Man is flying through the city at night, shooting his webs onto building after building, on his way to go find the Lizard (Spider mans nemesis in this movie). The feeling that you get while watching this movie is so realistic it’s almost unreal. We watched this movie when it came out in 3-D and in our opinion, the viewing experience didn’t even come close. We’re not going to break down the entire plot of this movie in this post, we just wanted to let you know what our favorite movie so far is to this point. We actually had one of our readers who owns a carpet cleaning business ( who actually was cleaning one of his clients carpets and heard a blood curdling scream from the next room! It turns out, this client was actually watching the Amazing Spider-Man in 4K and was so drawn into the movie screamed at the top of her lungs when Spider Man and the Lizard fought it out in their final battle of the movie! Talk about a realistic experience! We highly recommend this movie in 4k to any of our readers because we now that you’re going to love it!