4k to hit movie theaters?

OK guys and gals, so a big topic of discussion is about specialty movie theaters opening up around the country to exclusively show 4K movies. Now this almost seems too good to be true because we know there’s going to be a huge amount of 4k content being released this year with a lot more to follow. So what are the chances of this happening? Let’s take a deeper look.

First of all, we don’t feel like there’s any credible information to back this claim up. We think it is highly likely that movie theaters are going to be screening 4k movies but we don’t think it’s a realistic option that movie theaters are going to be popping up to play 4k content only. The reason is because movie theaters are a huge investment and with technology constantly changing, we don’t feel movie theaters are going to see 4k lasting for more than a few decades. We know that 8k content is coming in the future but we do also know that 8k content is a long ways off. With this being the case, we still don’t see strictly 4k movie theaters coming out.

With the new releases of “luxury” movie theaters being opened throughout the country, we understand that business owners are paying big bucks for a great customer experience when they go to the movies. Even the Harkins movie theater down the street was completely renovated so they could install leather reclining chairs. We know that these top players in the movie theater are going to be releasing content in 4k so we also don’t feel like someone coming into the market just to release 4k content is going to stand a chance. These big movie players are smart and extremely profitable so they are going to stay on top of current trends and keep generating big business.

In conclusion this rumor is part true, movie giants across the country will be showing a ton of movie options complete with the 4k viewing experience. The not so true part of this is that movie theaters are going to be opening up to just show exclusively 4k content. The great news is you’ll be able to enjoy 4k movies at your theater sooner than later. The bad news… well there is no bad news! If you have any positive or negative feelings about the release of 4k content coming out at major movie theaters across the country, please contact us.