Best 4K Movies So Far


#2 the martian

Our second favorite movie so far is The Martian. Now, as far as plot goes, this wasn’t our favorite by any means. The purpose of this post is to give you insight to the best 4k viewing experiences, so that’s why this movie ranked number 2. We don’t take into consideration things like character development or anything like that, ONLY picture quality. Our favorite part of this movie is when Matt Damon lands on Mars because it was like being at the grand canyon or something, it was so freakin’ real looking we honestly felt like we were on Mars! The movie had a lot of other scenes where they did a great job mastering this movie, so all around we felt like from beginning to end it has the second best 4k movie rating.  We feel like space movies give you a great viewing experience because not a lot of us have been to space and we feel like it’s pretty expensive to go, lol, so for most of us movies are going to be the closest thing we get to actually getting there. Even though Richard of Virgin has some wild ideas to make space travel a realistic option for the average human, for now we’re going to say that the martian in 4K is the closest thing you’re going to get to experiencing space for a long time.


As of now the best 4K movie we’ve seen to date would have to be the Amazing Spider-Man which was digitally re-mastered in 4K. The best scene in our opinion is when Spider-Man is flying through the city at night, shooting his webs onto building after building, on his way to go find the Lizard (Spider mans nemesis in this movie). The feeling that you get while watching this movie is so realistic it’s almost unreal. We watched this movie when it came out in 3-D and in our opinion, the viewing experience didn’t even come close. We’re not going to break down the entire plot of this movie in this post, we just wanted to let you know what our favorite movie so far is to this point. We actually had one of our readers who owns a carpet cleaning business (www.bestmesacarpetcleaning.com) who actually was cleaning one of his clients carpets and heard a blood curdling scream from the next room! It turns out, this client was actually watching the Amazing Spider-Man in 4K and was so drawn into the movie screamed at the top of her lungs when Spider Man and the Lizard fought it out in their final battle of the movie! Talk about a realistic experience! We highly recommend this movie in 4k to any of our readers because we now that you’re going to love it!

4k to hit movie theaters?

OK guys and gals, so a big topic of discussion is about specialty movie theaters opening up around the country to exclusively show 4K movies. Now this almost seems too good to be true because we know there’s going to be a huge amount of 4k content being released this year with a lot more to follow. So what are the chances of this happening? Let’s take a deeper look.

First of all, we don’t feel like there’s any credible information to back this claim up. We think it is highly likely that movie theaters are going to be screening 4k movies but we don’t think it’s a realistic option that movie theaters are going to be popping up to play 4k content only. The reason is because movie theaters are a huge investment and with technology constantly changing, we don’t feel movie theaters are going to see 4k lasting for more than a few decades. We know that 8k content is coming in the future but we do also know that 8k content is a long ways off. With this being the case, we still don’t see strictly 4k movie theaters coming out.

With the new releases of “luxury” movie theaters being opened throughout the country, we understand that business owners are paying big bucks for a great customer experience when they go to the movies. Even the Harkins movie theater down the street was completely renovated so they could install leather reclining chairs. We know that these top players in the movie theater are going to be releasing content in 4k so we also don’t feel like someone coming into the market just to release 4k content is going to stand a chance. These big movie players are smart and extremely profitable so they are going to stay on top of current trends and keep generating big business.

In conclusion this rumor is part true, movie giants across the country will be showing a ton of movie options complete with the 4k viewing experience. The not so true part of this is that movie theaters are going to be opening up to just show exclusively 4k content. The great news is you’ll be able to enjoy 4k movies at your theater sooner than later. The bad news… well there is no bad news! If you have any positive or negative feelings about the release of 4k content coming out at major movie theaters across the country, please contact us.

What’s after 4k?

Everyon8ke likes to speculate what is going to happen next in the entertainment world. Our expert analysis tells us that there will a an 8k revolution but this won’t be happening for a long time. The thing about 8k is that it takes video equipment that is far too expensive to use to shoot movies at the moment, heck even 4K equipment costs a lot of money and that’s been around for a while. We think it will be quite some time before 8k even comes up in conversation for the major movie companies so we want our readers to buy up all the 4k content you want with no worries that it will be outdated in the near future. The same goes for video games and computer games. We do feel that with the rapid technological advancements over the last decade that 8k is a very real future we will have to embrace someday, but that day is a long ways away.

OK so now you know that 8k is a long way off and you’re probably saying to yourself, “that’s great, but what about 4k? we barely even have anything to watch on 4k!”. Well, luckily for us movie buffs and technology enthusiasts 4k is going to advance very rapidly in the near future. We covered an article about 4k content and where to get it at the moment but we’re definitely going to be busy writing away articles this year when a ton of movies are released in 4k. There are a lot of movies that are actually being filmed in 4k as we speak but there are also a lot of movies being “digitally re-mastered” in 4k. You’ll see those movies with that specific wording on the cover. From what we can tell, there’s really no difference between the movies being filmed in 4k compared to the movies that are being re-mastered in 4k. No matter what type of content you’re watching in 4k, we feel like if you have the right TV and surround system, any 4K entertainment at this point is sure to blow your socks off. Some are better than other which we cover briefly our top movie reviews in this post, but for the most part they are all way better than regular 1080 TV. If you’d like to tell us what you think is going to happen in the future with 4K, please contact us here. Thanks for reading, we’ll catch you next time.

4K TV Reviews

 With so man4k tvy 4K TV’s on the market now, it’s hard to know which one to get. Sure if you check online you’ll find plenty of reviews, but in today’s world it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. Luckily for you, we have a testing center where we can actually test out each 4K TV and give you honest & unbiased feedback of different TV’s on the market. In this post we’re going to cover the LG 55″ Class 4K TV because we feel like for the average consumer this is truly the best bang for your buck.

LG has been on the forefront of TV technology for many years now. They came out with one of the best 3d TV’s we came across and are now paving the way in the 4K revolution. We covered our favorite top 2 4k movies earlier which were both watched on the LG Classic. We gave this TV a score of 4.6 out of 5 possible stars. The TV costs $700 from Best Buy which is the only 55″ 4K TV with great resolution that was under $800.

The LG Classic has the best picture resolution from 5-10 feet away from the TV. Some other comparable TV’s only look good from 5 feet and if you’re not at that exact distance there is a huge decrease in picture resolution. We think this is one of the most important factors that separates the LG classic from others because it’s very hard to setup your “viewing” room so that the seats are exactly a certain distance away from the TV. In our opinion this gives LG major brownie points. When you consider the price for the 55″ LG Classic and the great picture quality from almost anywhere in the room, you come up with this TV being the best bang for your buck on the market. If you own an LG 4K TV we’d love to hear your opinion and what rating you would give this TV out of 5 stars. Please send use your feedback here. If you do own a 4K TV of any kinds, check out our article here on where to get 4K content!

Where to get 4K content

amazing_spider_man_by_munkhkhuder-d5es7lg   There’s not a whole lot of 4k content out there in the market but there are a few great places you can load up on content. We’re going to give you our #1 4k content source that we feel has the most content at the most reasonable price but before we reveal our secret, we want to discuss with you something interesting we found out today. There are HUGE movie production companies out there that are totally ramping up on their 4K movie content which is great new for us movie lovers! We can safely say that this year we’re going to have more 4K content to watch that we could possibly fathom which is a huge relief because originally we were afraid that 4K was going to end up like the short lived 3D TV phenomenon. NBC News recently covered this story which is where we got all of our information, you can read that news article here. After reading tons and tons of news stories and coverage across the internet, it looks like 4K is here to stay which makes us extremely happy. We will now share with you our number one pick for 4k content and that is… Netflix! Believe it or not Netflix is one of the earliest adopters of streaming movie subscription style businesses that is receiving 4k with open arms and claiming a stake in this huge upcoming industry. We’re betting that after everything gets released in the coming year or two, Netflix will be right on the edge of everything and making tons of these newly released 4k movies available for our viewing pleasure. We hope that you like our revealed source of 4k content and head on over to Netflix and sign up for their 4k subscription. It’s at a very reasonable price (we only know because we did our homework) and we’re sure you’ll feel the same way. Please check out our homepage for more 4k news and information and please drop us a line here to let us know how you feel about all of this terrific 4k content news!


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